Truss & Support Systems

Truss & Support Systems

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At Soundworks we stock a wide range of outdoor - indoor structures including indoor exhibition stands, large screen build, backdrops, outdoor stages, roof systems, rigging systems, PA Towers etc. Exhibition stands Truss systems are one of the most versatile and flexible systems. We can create all sort of shapes from a simple banner to the most complex kiosk with capability of hanging heavy material on it. Truss capabilities and applications are limited only to imagination. neptune     orion   wsb_469x334_bild+von+messestand+axcom 9773254   altair   c1cef17c230b16191ea9281883aaed34 JupiterSideMEDX hr2-cepheus-2-sm   images Roof & Support systems

Soundworks has always been a forerunner in the search for safe and high-performance roof systems.

The solutions available are numerous both for dimensions and typologies; from the smallest and lightest to the biggest thought for high load bearing capacity on wide spans. these structures consist almost entirely of standard components. They are equipped with self-extinguishing roofing sheets, wind bracing kits and ballast accessories. Soundworks range of truss systems is the foundation for more complex constructions, like ground support systems, PA towers, LED wall support systems and an extensive range of roof systems. Using truss as the basic building blocks, these systems are efficient and affordable. These systems simply adjust according to your requirements. Our first priority is the integral safety of our systems setting out to provide the best fitting solution. These systems require solid engineering and understanding of the user demands, Soundworks has an experienced engineering team to discuss your needs.

All roof systems use ground supported truss grid on self-climbing towers giving  the requested shape of roof section . Lighting equipment can be directly rigged to all trusses, cutting down on supplementary equipment needed, and the system flexibility allows lighting designers plenty of scope for imaginative design. A roof canopy and side walling can be also supplied.


Typical truss sections

Triangular truss Square truss 25cm 50cm 75cm 1m 2m 3m 4m Circle sections Triangular sections Winch lifters Tower lifters Electric Chain hoists Three angle sections Corner blocks 90 deg corners Truss categories Deco truss 30 Standard truss 30 Heavy duty truss 40 heavy lift truss LITX25S200      QX25SA S30CcircleLIQX40K8 Strutture-Tralicci-Americana-TRUSS-LITEC-PROEL-QX30-angolo    $_35   320000060decotrussIMG_1238_edit-590x451 tractel-tralift-chain-hoist-main           Tower-1MT-650