Speakers & Stage Monitors

  • ART3-Series-speakers
  • EON515XT_Heros
  • L Acoustics XT range wedge monitors
  • hkaudio elements sat
  • hkaudio elements sub
  • hkaudio_elements 2
  • Meyer sound jm-1p
  • l acoustics arcs 2
  • Meyer sound UM-1P
  • Meyer sound MJF-212a
  • NEXO PS Family
  • nexo NX4X1 – NX4x4
  • jbl PRX400 Family Group
  • Nexo Ps R2 series
  • Electrovoice Rx Qrx family
  • JBL srx700_family
  • D&B Audiotechnik Y10P-2
  • Electrovoice zx series
  • psr2_promo_lg

Soundworks Hire fleet of speakers and wedge monitors can cover from small applications up to the most demanding stage live venues. It is quite common to supply a band with a Monitor & Control package (comprising mixing desks, processing and monitors) for a Live tour and festivals, Soundworks Hire service is able to offer engineers the right gear to meet their production needs.

We supply speaker systems from Nexo, L-Acoustics, Meyer Sound, HK Audio, Electrovoice, RCF , d&b Audiotechnik and many other manufacturers to fulfill every customer needs.



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