C.E. Studio-2 is a Spanish electronics manufacturing company located in Valencia, one of the most active industrial centres of Spain. It was founded in 1982. Studio-2 began as a manufacturer of professional audio electronics. Today, they specialise in the design and the production of Power Amplifiers, Signal Treatment units under RAM Audio brand and Acoustic Systems under Space Equipment brand.

From the beginning all their products were characterised by their innovation and reliability. Both qualities are still "sine qua non" basic requirements for their own brand name RAM Audio and Space Equipment products.

At the beginning of the nineties and due to the proliferation of new sound products companies, a great demand for Power Amplifiers opened a new market for Studio-2 as an OEM manufacturer.

In 1997, Studio-2 took the important decision to manufacture a new Series of Amplifiers under the RAM Audio brand name, for the export market exclusively. A new facility was built to house the exclusive manufacturing plant.

At Prolight+Sound 1998, the legendary up-to-2000 Watts BU Series was presented, which later became the higher-powered BUX Series. In the following years, the new series such as MA, MB and CB with linear power supply were designed. At Prolight+Sound 2002, the DQL Series with QuantaPulse switching power supply was presented. This series was RAM Audio's response to their customers' demand for light-weight amplifiers with power specs up to 7.000 Watts.

In 2004, the company launched the DQX, evolution of the DQL Series. A new amp altogether, with many improvements among which the possibility of Ethernet operation and control via their own EtheRAM software.

RAM Audio has also digital controllers with up to 2 inputs and 6 outputs available in the LMS Series. These new devices were built to meet very severe specifications in order to withstand any comparison with the best well known brands available on the international market.

RAM Audio amps benefit of the tremendous know-how gained by Studio-2 as an OEM provider and offer, besides trustworthy specifications, the protection systems professionals should expect from any first class device.

RAM Audio Power Amps are exported to over 40 countries worldwide and their distributors present them in most national and international trade events.

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