In 1945 Werner Pinternagel, who was an engineer, founded a workshop for the repair of radio devices in the Lower Bavarian town of Pilsting. The development and manufacture of audio amplifiers, which he began at the same time, became a particular passion. These pioneering experiences formed the foundation for over 60 years of expertise in professional power amplifier technology— expertise upon which the brand DYNACORD is able to draw today. Early results included the KI cinema amplifier with its output of 25 watts. The devices of the company, which in the meantime had moved to Landau and by then boasted a staff of four employees, still bore the brand name ‘Dynaphon’. From 1948 onwards, mixing and portable amplifiers bearing the name DYNACORD were being sold to an ever expanding circle of customers. Within a few years, the rapidly growing company had become one of the leading enter-prises in the still young audio technology industry. Already in 1954, the manual workshop have given way to industrial production
as the product portfolio continued to expand. The high-caliber, pioneering and often visionary products have been presented ever since at all important international trade fairs and marketed successfully throughout the world. To make it possible to satisfy the enormous demand, DYNACORD moved to Straubing in 1958. The workforce, who at that time numbered 80 employees, continued to expand rapidly. Several times, the production facility was renovated or expanded. Finally, in 1986 a new plant was opened in which more than 500 employees now develop, produce and dispatch the company’s products to all corners of the globe.

A high degree of innovation, uncompromising quality, exceptional user-friendliness and truely legendary reliability and value retention have for over 60 years defined the brand DYNACORD.
•The first generations of professional mixing amplifiers [Eminent, Gigant] • The first tape-echo/reverb devices [Echochord] • The first ‘affordable’ digital reverb device [DRS 78] • The most advanced digital drums [ADDone, ADDtwo] • The first professional digital reverb device based on 32-bit floating-point processing [DRP-20] • The first processor power amplifiers with LPN filters [PCA series] • One of the most successful power amplifiers in concert sound [L2400 / EV P3000] • The first processor-controlled complete audio system [P3, P5] • The first digital loudspeaker controller with graphic display of the acoustic system frequency response in the editing software [DSP 224/244 with CrossMax and EV Dx34/38 with RACE] •The Planar Waveguide bass horns [F 18, Alpha B3 and many others] • The world’s most powerful disco system [Alpha] • The world’s most successful powered mixer [PowerMate] • The first stackable compact line array system [Cobra] • The first Class H grounded bridge high-performance power amplifiers [PowerH] • The unique IRIS-Net network software [incl. remote supervision, remote control of
power amplifiers and digital audio matrices] • The first digital power amplifiers with VLD-variable load drive [DSA Multi-Channel]


With the introduction of the Bosch Production System (BPS) at the Straubing works, the brand DYNACORD is further enhancing its already legendary reputation for the highest production quality and reliability. Quality with system is assured by the BPS worldwide in all Bosch production centres, since absolutely identical indicators, equipment and processes are applied systematically throughout the enterprise. Decisions about which products to produce in which plant are primarily based on core areas of competence.

The same goes for the development. The first measures to guarantee quality are applied as early as the development phase of a product, where the ‘thermal and mechanical stability’, the ‘secure functioning of the circuitry’ and the demands of quality such as the acoustic performance and the product functions themselves are all ascertained in advance and rigorous tests conducted before any final decisions are taken about the design. Decades of experience and the most modern quality management systems guarantee the extraordinary quality and legendary reliability of DYNACORD products.


Measurement Hall
PART OF THE NEW INVESTMENT INVOLVED THE CONSTRUCTION AND COMMISSIONING OF WHAT AT 600 SQUARE METRES IS ONE OF THE WORLD’S LARGEST AUDIO MEASUREMENT HALLS. Since September 2006, DYNACORD has belonged to the BOSCH concern’s Security Technology department. The production facility in Straubing has been considerably expanded and the work reorganized along the lines of the Bosch Production System (BPS). Part of the new investment involved the construction and commissioning of what at 600 square metres and 11 meters height is one of the world’s largest audio.


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