CAMCO develops, manufacturers and markets high-end power amplifiers, DSP- and network products for the global pro audio market.

CAMCO is a fully independent company and is represented in more than 60 countries around the globe.

Founded in 1983, CAMCO has for more than 25 years focused its attention on the design and development of professional power amplifiers.

True innovative solutions have been brought to the market through the implementation of advanced technologies upon which CAMCO hold a considerable number of patents.

Our aims and goals today are unchanged; we continue to focus on the manufacture and distribution of specific solutions for the professional audio user.

The CAMCO name stands for the best - the very best for our worldwide clientele.

The Oxford English Dictionary states that philosophy is; "a theory or attitude that guides one's behaviour" Here at CAMCO this statement forms the very heart of our thinking. CAMCO is guided in all that is does by its attitude to; total care about audio design and integrity.

Precision, pure natural sonic performance and total power are the design statements that govern every aspect of product creation.

To innovate and provide adaptive technologies that deliver true solutions to the audio world backed by support and service systems where the customer is the main point of focus is our mission statement.

Audio is one of the five main human senses, it deserves respect at all times, and we aim to deliver this at all times, this is our philosophy.

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