About Univadis

Access exclusive, unbiased resources

Launched in 2001, Univadis is a free service provided by MSD, developed exclusively for medical and scientific professionals. The content you find on the site is provided by independent scientific leaders, educational institutions, and medical societies. It’s also offered through exclusive partnerships with leading medical publishers such as BMJ Learning, The Lancet and Elsevier®. By providing trusted information from many respected resources, Univadis ensures you have access to comprehensive, unbiased articles, news, and educational tools that support your daily practice.

Expand your knowledge and expertise

In addition to offering timely, relevant news and in-depth articles from leading medical journals, Univadis also features powerful resources and tools that include:

•More than 400 peer-reviewed and accredited online education courses
•Video tutorials
•Expert interviews and panels
•More than 58,000 medical images, videos, and podcasts
•Conference coverage from congresses around the world.
Customise Univadis to your specialty
Univadis puts you in control of the information you want to see on the site, allowing you to filter content to show only what's relevant to your specialty. Currently available in over 35 countries and more than 15 languages, Univadis is a comprehensive resource that supports the learning and development of all qualified healthcare professionals.  Because we understand that in medicine, you never stop learning.

About univadis.co.uk

Univadis is a free service from Merck, Sharp & Dohme. We created this website especially for busy healthcare professionals who are passionate about making a difference in the lives of their patients. We provide medical and scientific information from trusted third-party publishers with the goal of bringing you tools and resources to support your daily practice.

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