Austrian Airlines is Austria's largest carrier and operates a global route network of round 130 destinations. That route network is particularly dense in Central and Eastern Europe with 43 destinations.

Thanks to its favourable geographical location at the heart of Europe, the company’s hub at Vienna International Airport is the ideal gateway between East and West. Austrian Airlines is part of the Lufthansa Group, Europe’s largest airline group, and a member of the Star Alliance, the first global alliance of international airlines. The flight operations of the Austrian Airlines Group has been bundled at its 100% subsidiary Tyrolean Airways since 1st July, 2012.

In 1997, a group of five world-class airlines united to create something never seen before - an alliance that brings together networks, lounge access, check-in services, ticketing and dozens of other services to improve the travel experience for customers, wherever they are in the world.

The team

Star Alliance Services GmbH was created to manage the Star Alliance network on behalf of its members. It was the first alliance in the world to create this type of organisation. The team is based in Frankfurt, Germany and is made up of around 70 employees from over 20 different countries.

The mission

“Executing leadership in managing a portfolio of alliance products and services using an agreed process.”

Star Alliance member airlines fly to more destinations than any other airline alliance in the world – which means easier travel and quicker connections. The main goal has always been to make your travel experience smoother. To achieve this, Star Alliance member airlines are located closer together in airports and connections teams are installed for faster transfers. Common airport facilities, coordinating schedules and a range of new technologies are also frequently introduced.

These are just some of the great services that the Star Alliance network offers.

The brand

The Star Alliance brand – including the familiar star-shaped logo – represents the promise that wherever you are in the world, the Star Alliance network is there to guarantee a smooth travel experience.

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